Advertising on Knowledge Clinic Web Properties

Several of our sites have high visibility and traffic, while others are very targeted in specific areas of interest. In either case, they provide ideal real estate for advertising your products and services to our customers. We accept advertising on most of our properties, but always reserve the right to refuse if we feel there is a conflict of interest, or we deem the content to be inappropriate. Please contact us about opportunities to promote your brand.

e-Learning Services -

Does your business support start-up ventures, SMEs or large enterprise? New opportunities to advertise your services or products on our e-learning course announcement pages will be introduced shortly. Please send us a note about your interest and we’ll let you know when we go live.

Patient Partnerships -

Does your business support patient’s disease management or assist caregivers? New opportunities to advertise your services or products on limited pages in our patient learning environment will be introduced shortly. Please send us a note about your interest and we’ll let you know when we go live.

With Best Patient we deliver continuing medical education to people diagnosed with long term conditions or chronic disease. Our objective is to improve your quality of life by empowering you to manage your own health while following your doctor's advice. In return for participating in our program over time, we will provide you with valuable rewards.

Marketing Consultancy & Publishing -

Are you delivering technology and other resources for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Ireland and throughout Europe ? Are you a full service advertising agency, PR firm, digital consultancy or printer? Are you a book publisher looking to find new authors or works?  Consider advertising on our marketing and publishing pages. If your business dovetails with ours, we’ll be happy to discuss advertising options for highly qualified vetted suppliers.

Marine E-zine -

The Boater's resource for places to go and things to know. is our highest traffic website. It has a significant amount of technical and Northeast US cruising information on it. We are broadening its scope to cover Caribbean, European and Atlantic Islands waters over the next few months. If you have editorial content to provide, please send it to us for consideration. We accept boating related material, technical, navigation, seamanship as well as worldwide destinations.

We accept advertising on most pages of this website. Please contact us for more information. Please feel free to review our competitive rates.

Editorial Guidelines

We accept editorial from recognized experts on any topic that would be of interest to our visitors and post it with links to your business free of charge. We do not pay for the editorial. Please submit your editorial, with photos and captions (labeled relative to the photo file names), and a signed release form specifying that you are the owner of the material, that you have the right to reproduce it, and that it is truthful. Please copy and paste the notice linked below into an email with an electronic signature and return to us with your submission.

Marine Products and Services -

This site is oriented towards the marine sector. It is dedicated to the marine products and services we manufacture or represent. If you have a product you would like us to represent in Ireland , please contact us right away as we are interested in expanding our product range.

Do you have a product that you would like to have reviewed? We can help you here too. We take all manner of marine products for a test drive - literally. Where applicable, we install them on our boat and use them while out sailing the world's oceans. We then refer to them in general sailing and specific technical articles that are published in the boating press as well as on our e-zine (website)

We also accept advertising for complementary products and services in the marine marketplace on most pages of our site. Please contact us for details.

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